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Drowning Dog


I Finally Bought What I Saved Up For

and the New Version Just Came Out

TL;DR @ the Bottom.


Talk about a sore spot. With hard work and perseverance being -- in tandem -- the single most defining force behind entrepreneurship, it’s a phlegm-filled slap in the kisser to ‘lose out’ on the subsequent enjoyment of war spoils.

Just picture it: You were ready to stunt on everyone and their mama with this new and improved, feature-packed deus ex machina that was guaranteed to transform your Private Practice Pinwheel or DBA Dust Devil into a Thriving Typhoon. And right after you opened the box in the comfort of your living room or garage, you get a ping. That deus ex machina maker you purchased from just released:


Your smile fades as you gaze into the box before you, clad in ripped packing tape, brutus staples and carelessly cast packing peanuts, for inside lays the miserly 1.9 version of the same thing.

Yep. You definitely lost out, fam.

But why do you believe that?

You’ve literally spent years perfecting your craft and whether you continue to excel in your gift and services at breakneck speed or a race-winning tortoisian pace, you’ll still be the only person on the planet, really, who can offer what you do. There's such an easy opportunity to quote either Picasso or Durant right now... but I won’t.

Eddying hecklers will knave you as a poor imitation of some perceived McCoy for not having elite tools once you've been acknowledged as having expertise in your field. They'll badger you just the same if you're still putzing around with years old gear.

Just remember that all the Old Masters could sit side by side in textbooks and still make room in their pages for Georgia O’Keeffe, Lina Iris Viktor & Kehinde Wiley. Same tools. Wildly different people and vastly different works of art.


So what does any of this have to do with a drowning dog? Only so much:

Y'know the fable of the dog with the treasured (in some lore, stolen) piece of meat or a bone? It happens across a river, sees its reflection and, with salivating eyes, gets to barking at the reflection in an attempt to win a second tasty trophy.

But, y'know... Gravity and stuff.

Sometimes, that covetous daydreaming we have for ourselves shows us a loftier, tricked out version of us with the latest and greatest gear. It's important to remember we wouldn't even be in a position to work toward newer things in our respective trades if we hadn't already put in so much work getting any kind of good in the first place. Just ask Dumbledore.

Daydreaming is definitely super healthy -- dreams need exercise just like muscles do. Everything in moderation though. Let's not have our steak and lose it too, y'know?

And if it's really that much of a struggle for us, let's at the very least not drown trying to retrieve the first steak once realizing we've a serious problem to boot. Hypothermia is quite real.

I’m writing this letter to you as a photographer and respect that you may be reading this as a dancer, podiatrist, sommalier or reiki healer. Please know that we’re in very similar vehicles.

While it's true the new tools and toys in each of our respective fields will always pine for the touch of our fingers and the pledge of our purses, it's also true that those vehicles wouldn’t even budge without us at the helm to drive and the fuel of our motivations to power on.


  1. There are so many dope tools and toys & there will always be new ones. Be the best version of yourself with what you have.

  2. Aesop's fables are still hella trill. A dog had a whole reflection, go read about it.

  3. The Mirror of Erised is a hyperbolic don't chamber. Time is money; spend it in the studio, not in your shopping cart.

  4. 'We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is a habit.' - Will Durant.

  5. If your itch is that bad, sell a Picassoan five second job for a sum that will pay for your vices.

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