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Fast Alone, Together Far

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Grateful, Thankful, Blessed-feeling.

The first large project of 2018 is finally done.


I can't thank them enough, those who continue to surround themselves with me.

The memory still feels fresh, reaching out to my good friend Sharlotte Fondeur-Casas, the genius light-thief and visionary that she is, and asking her months ago for her availability on a specific date. Immediately, she set aside time.

Moments like that remind me of the importance of relying on your village, especially when it's well built. I've been in the place of self-reliance. It's cool. But company makes the journey so much better!

That said, imagine the unending mindbomb I had when I tackled -- for the first time ever -- a project in which I was only one half of a single brain!

Enter Kareem Joseph, one of the coolest, most laid back, perpetually upbeat (even through sickness), humblest visual geniuses I've come to know. He makes me think of art in its purest form. We had been eyeing each other's work for some time leading up til the year's end in 2017, paying compliments to one another in passing.

A tiny dose of head-gassing is healthy every now and again.

Around that time, I'd been thinking about the possibility of working in tandem with another photographer. It seemed counter-intuitive a bit, something ruinously difficult if not impossible.

In an age where protecting your art means going it alone or feigning a massive ego to keep any and all would-be plagiarists at bay.

Like, who would want to share anything with anyone? People steal credits or omit attribution through all of Social Media all the time. No, the credit belongs to me.


Kareem seemed to think otherwise, whether he'd admit it or not, after suggesting that he and I should go half on a project. So that's what we did.

And honestly? One of the best artistic experiences of my life thus-far. Kareem? Can't thank you enough, sir.

Stay dope.


This production was captured using:

Fuji XT2 // Canon 5D MKii

Source 4 Leko // Quasar Science Q-20

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom // Phase CaptureOne // GIMP

A lot of patience and a bunch of mobile phone apps

Find us all on IG:

CodeHalo x BriteRoost x Neat Shiny Owl




DP: @sfondeurcasas Video: @codehutch Grip: @sir_psych0 MUA: @mini_owl @ashydenis Assists: @justinwinley Studio: @42nd_photostudio

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