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Moxie With Lemon

Updated: Mar 29, 2020


When life gives you lemons, make marmalade, or whatever they said.

TL;DR @ the Bottom, Gallery Included

I might scorn this idiom, not really sure. It’s just, NO ONE discusses the actual massaging or kneading of the lemon, the pros and cons of either keeping or ditching the seeds, the filtering process.... Consider tossing the lemons altogether -- did you even check for mold? Lemon maturation!? What’s our lemon source in these instances, farmers? Backyard gardening enthusiasts? Are these even ripe lemons?

I could go on -- I’m extra like that. Some of you are already bored waiting for the comparison buried in my comparison, though... so:

A short while ago, my laptop died.

[second eyeroll, dead people from the 40’s laughing]

And it didn’t just “Frankie Beverly & Maze” itself into a plastic hearse -- it croaked mid-edit for a large photo job I was finishing up. Thankfully that recurring client, a good friend, knows a thing or fourteen about lemon kneading and told me I could resume normal breathing. No harm done.


I’ve long encouraged my peers and chirpy passersby to get as much mileage as possible from the tools that currently exist for them, instead of giving time and energy to G.A.S.* or waiting† for better tools. I may well have taken my own advice to a whole nuh Keeganian level tho...

During these forced hours of post-electromechanical-mortem reflection, I laugh. That laptop turned “desktop” gave me nearly ten solid years of life. Battery replacements, external fans and other odd knacks came when mobility was no longer an option. Thus, it charmed me from its immortal perch on the tabletop. I even migrated from Windows 8 to Windows 10…

[final eyeroll, hair flip while damp]

Like i said earlier, I believe wholeheartedly in following my given advice -- use the tools you have, not what you think you need. Of course I’m still guilty of longing for that new new. I mean c’mon, have you even seen a seventy-core 3.6GHz processor!?‡

Til then, here I am, triple filtering some really pulpy lemons I’ve massaged evenly for five straight minutes til they were super bouncy in my palms. That is to say, smartphone technology’s pretty dandy.

Peep this super mini gallery from my time at this year's DanceAfrica in Brooklyn, where I split my portraits between being taken with Anita, my chunky Canon 1D beauty, and my phone, a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. All edits done with Snapseed, Pixlr, Polarr & VSCO:


  1. There’s more than a few ways of making lemonade.

  2. My laptop broke and I couldn’t really do work for a while.

  3. Perseverance should more often be mentioned in tandem with… actually nevermind, just persevere, because it’s important to do so.

  4. * G.A.S.: Gear Acquisition Syndrome

  5. † Waiting: Some people confuse this with planning.

  6. ‡ Seventy-Core 3.6GHz Processor: A computer with this might braid your 4C hair while downloading unrequested mandatory updates for the new Windows 13 OS.

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