“"When people look at my pictures, I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice."”


An all day session, meticulously curated to give you the most luxury in making portraits that Neat Shiny Owl can offer. Select this experience for business, pleasure or both. This is an ideal experience for the art collector in you, featuring you as the art. Add to your collection today.


  • Ideal for small businesses/brands
  • Full body portraits & Headshots
  • Unlimited Wardrobe Looks
  • Complementary Hair & Makeup
  • Printed Mini-Book
  • ~ 6-10 hours


A partial day session designed to give you the very best of Neat Shiny Owl at an affordable value. Select this experience to shake things up in your social media, your marketing materials, or to bless your most beloved with a piece of you, as the work of art that you are.


  • Ideal for bespoke keepsakes
  • Full body portraits & Headshots
  • Three wardrobe looks
  • Single makeup look
  • ~ 3-5 hours


An abbreviated portrait session marked for the both the budding and blossomed professionals alike. And for when you feel cute but don't wanna delete later.


  • Ideal for micro-rebrands
  • Headshot & Upper-Body Only
  • One wardrobe look
  • ~ 90 Minutes


*select either or both of these add-ons when making your selections on the booking page.


Want Makeup?

We're fans of cake but we prefer to eat it, not wear it. Our makeup artists are fans of clean and natural looking corrective makeup, because acne is natural, even if it's evil. And if our project calls for pixie dust, it'll feel like wearing a cloud, not a cake.



Rush Delivery?

We absolutely adore popcorn. Particularly, unsinged, fluffy with a gentle crunch, topped with a savoury warm butter. Pair with a fruity red merlot, a dark room and a big, wide screen playing your fav-- Yeah we can get the images to you faster if you want.


Get Real Bespoke

Right Now. Right Where You Are.