We aren't born knowing that a second row of teeth is on the way for most of us. They just come. 


In that very same way, I had no idea that five years ago I'd start a series that captured possibly my first favourite artistic medium of all time -- the human being -- with maybe my third life-long love: photography.


Even further, once I realized that I could start actively filling a void in an area that I grew up wishing was more full, I've been continually and increasingly met with blessings, validation in purpose, and, well...


a lot of melanin.


Experiment, turned blog, turned almost calendar, turned book, "Neat Shiny Folk: Prime" is finally, thankfully,

nearly here!


We are happy to say that we've accomplished more than we set out to do when we began. What's more, we simply cannot thank each of our contributors enough,

whether you gave in dollars, sweat, or both.

Our desire to improve and expedite the experience of the book and all things related has led our team to pause accepting funds for the remainder of our project.

All that we can ask in the meanwhile is that you keep in touch with us by submitting your email address below. By signing up, you'll be among the very first to receive word on the final steps we're currently taking to bring NSF: Prime to life. On Paper. And in your hands.

Thank you all!

-Anthony Lewis and Friends


*Subjects photographed for this book click here*