Melanin & Mysticisms

Neat Shiny Owl is an idea; one that combines maximal input with minimal output. Paying homage to past art that has achieved timelessness is intentional, all while highlighting black women, and women/people of colour.

Influences on this work include: graphic design and illustration, philosophy, anime, video games, film and television, 17th-18th century paintings, album covers and the music they envelope, as well as several photographers past and present.

In this gallery you'll find composites of beauty, fashion, editorial, avant-garde, art nude and a contemporary interpretation of pinup. Thank you for visiting this site.

Looking for a melanin photographer in Washington, D.C.? Someone who knows how to photograph black and brown people? You've come to the right place.

We understand the frustrations of feeling unseen and unconfident in front of the lens. With Neat Shiny Owl, you’ll find yourself in a safe haven, a space where you're celebrated for exactly who you are. Our ethereal approach is designed to elevate your comfort and capture your elegance, all while celebrating your individuality. Whether your goal is something sensual or stylishly safe, step into a realm of radiant self-expression where melanin and beauty take center stage, together.