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So I'm listening to this person tell me that she and her husband have yet to find a photographer that they like to take portraits of them as an engaged couple. Every time they've pitched the request to someone, what the photographer pitched back to them wasn't up to snuff.

Transparently, there was another catch:

The couple was so engaged, they'd already been married.

Wait, What?

And that was part of the whole idea: this couple wanted to take engagement portraits because they never got to. The marriage was the priority. And they still wanted to make that moment stand out.


Now I've suspended all event photography services, including weddings, but the love pouring out from the stories accompanying this slightly uncommon request immediately tugged at every single one of my heart strings.

So naturally, I threw my hat in the ring. But not because I wanted to flex on other photographers. Or because I thought I was the only person who could make it work -- I didn't! I instead showed her my work and expressed my immense interest in making a proposal of my own. Just a proposal. No commitment to a portrait session at all.

So we spoke some more, I sent her a proposal a few weeks later, and found myself immensely surprised when we were suddenly planning what became one of my favourite sessions ever.

Meet Jackie and Vincent.

Jackie is, like me, a lover of art. All of it. It can come from anywhere. Everywhere, even! And, just like me, she's here for it. She knows her favourite artists by name, she makes her own paintings and sculptures and avidly shares what she's drawn to. That kind of enthusiasm travels to every other fiber of her being.

All of which made it doubly pleasant to meet the very humble and unassuming partner she had in Vincent, who quietly balanced her immense energy in an equal, tender enthusiasm, fully, even if silently, invested in each moment.

They're cute.


This is the closest you'll get to a before image from the time we spent together. The themes of the portrait session were one part "day-in-the-life," another part, "imperfection" and yet another "vogue." Mixing the order we photographed each scene in faintly imitated the random order of life.


We met the couple in their home and set up white seamless paper for a few images, moving away from the paper to other parts of their home to bake in that quotidian feeling. About 60% of the images were done in the home, the remainder in a very motley Washington DC.


Talk about overused words in the 21st century but SHEESH, was it cinematic!

While writing this, I find myself thinking about conversations I frequently have with my wife about the importance of now. Just do the thing. Say the thing! No matter what!!

Once upon a time, the introvert in me didn't believe that. There was always a better, more appropriate time to say or do a thing. This was especially true for the version of me that felt the need to not only be accepted by everyone but also ensure that they were always happy.

How unrealistic.

I'm certain that I wasn't thinking about the old me as compared to the new me while the sun shower screamed and I clicked away in between backlit drops.

I find, however, that atoms collide between the three of us committing to the idea in the sudden storm and the two of them living their lives only exactly as they each want to.

Because what if we decided to stay indoors? What if they postponed the wedding until they could do the other traditional things first, like, I don't know... take engagement photos ahead of the aisle walk?

Deep? Meh. But think about it though...


At this point, I redirect you to the title of the article I that hope you're still (and actually) reading. If you're an artist like me, and especially if you're breathtakingly good at what you do, you might be prone to constantly looking for the right way to do something. And, while I think that's important, the right way doesn't always need to respect time or place. Sometimes, just doing what you do best and immediately releasing it into the world is all you need to do. Because there'll never be a better time than now to do so.

A couple of years ago, I got addicted to completing things. And I was always proud and giggly to say that because I remember a time when I held onto everything ALL the time. And sure, everything in moderation, including moderation and certainly including holding onto things (I see you, Beyonce. I see you, Rihanna). But what good will improving at your craft truly be if there's no one else to witness or even benefit from it?

And once more on the topic of love, or even life: why wait for the whatever? What perfect time will come? Just go be dope. Or go suck. But progress either way. There's hardly any benefit to waiting for a so-called "perfect time" -- it's an idea. Not a real thing.

Oh, look. There's the floor. Let me step down from my soap box.


  • Do the thing. You're literally waiting for nothing.
  • Love the person. Especially if they're loving you back.
  • Follow no format but your own. Do your engagement portraits when you feel like it.
  • This is a portrait website so... 👇🏿

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