For When "jUST sOME pICTUREs" wON'T cUT iT

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"If only I could just..."

This thought invades your mind as you scroll through endless tweets and reels, while you watch your favourite movies or thumb through a magazine. Sometimes, before that invasive noise clatters in, the world will quiet enough for you to remember how decadent and luminous you are. Maybe the noise might make you feel like you can't "just." But what if you actually did? What if you let yourself be luminous? What if you stood in your dopeness? What if you pursued your legacy?




Portrait sessions can happen in a smart, beautiful setting that matches your vibe or against the seamless inside the modest home studio of Anthony Lewis, located in Southeast D.C.

Every single session includes consultation and a custom-made style guide. Should your heart desire it, wardrobe coordination and glamourous professional makeup can also be a thing.

Whether you're an industry pro with lots of camera experience or a complete novice, your session with Anthony is masterfully directed to bring forth your fiercest and most delicate sides.

Reclamation of power

Is A Flagrantly Powerful Protest


Because you're multitalented AF. Or at the very least you've long outgrown the trope of being one way and one way only. You have layers and sometimes you like to show every single one. You like to be in charge and people enjoy you for it. People sometimes say to you, stop showing out so much... But it's your show. It's your birthday. It's your award being won. Claim it, gloriously, immaculately.

Journeys require movement.

So why keep standing still?