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Just a few places I've been and some people I've worked with:

Neat Shiny Folk / AbunDance Academy of the Arts / Brooklyn Museum / Just Call Me KEEBS / Red Rooster Harlem / Rassismus: Die Erfindung von Menschenrassen / DELLA$IE / Nicole Shawan Junior, Esq / Dr. Rashida L. Weaver, PhD / Made By Black (Yvonne Jewnell) / AFROPUNK / Curls Understood / Ariel Samone / "Believe It & Behave It" by Kate Harvie / "Start Ghetto" by Latetra Metts-Owens





If you came here to just enjoy the photos and not book a session that's fine. I'm glad you stopped by! I like turmeric ginger chai. And ice cream. You can buy me some.

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