Our process together:

I. Book the date

This can only happen during a consultation, or after an extended consultation between phone, video and email. Simply put, we can't effectively work if we don't know what we're doing or when, or even how.

II. Make the book

Cathy comes out. And Cathy chats with you. And the more you chat with Cathy, the more your vision takes an actual shape. Maybe you already pinned a thing or two, or bookmarked a tweet or saved a reel on IG. Even if you didn't, Cathy wants to know how you want to feel. And Cathy's gonna organize all those thoughts on the matter. It's us. We're Cathy.


Or stand. Or squat or dougie. If you have the moves already, your photographer will talk less. Just the same, if you're nervous about posing or looking good, more conversation will abound. Sessions average  three hours. Sometimes less, sometimes more.

IV. Enjoy Yourself

The average edit window is four - six weeks, during which time you'll receive segmented waves of images. Just like the time of your session, sometimes it's less, sometimes it's more. And, in each case, your portraits are carefully being pored over, with careful attention being paid to as many details as possible.

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Your Photographer

New York City was crazy. But it made me, and so I'll always love it, and I'm certainly permitted to slander it.

True rumor: it's breakneck. I've since slowed down. A lot. And it's my hope that you all will benefit from this slower pace the same way that I have in these recent years.

I won't give you anything fast. I'm nearly guaranteed to not accommodate anyone last minute. And it's mostly with you kept in mind.

I want you to have more nuanced context for your collection of images. I want you to receive the highest quality possible, at every stage of my career, because I don't know everything and I'm never not learning something. I want you to benefit from how I'll outdo myself after the previously completed project.

If you're cool with all that, then I'd love to work with you.

But let me know if you're allergic to cats. I am, but mine is a shorthair, so I'm fine, for whatever that's worth.

- Anthony "Shiny" Lewis

Your everything else.

A side of photography seldom talked about: the mess.

Even if the gear being used is super efficient, in photography, you just need an extra hand sometimes. I've done make-up, held lights and props, cooked and done stand-up, all for the sake of making sure any given session goes as smoothly as possible.

We're a small business and, most days, it's just the two of us working together to make something dope with and for you.  

These days, you can expect to see me just as frequently as you'll see Anthony during the one-on-one consultation phase leading to your portrait session.

-Carla "Mini" Lewis


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