Your Photographer:

A travelling digital artist and retoucher with a focus in fine art portraiture, boudoir & headshot photography, Anthony Lewis is most interested in unveiling the latent greatness that already exists in every single person he works with.

Heavily blurring the line between journalism and fictional storytelling, he draws on many art histories to create something bespoke and otherworldly.

The result: museum-quality portraits that preserve an awesome, fleeting reality, tying mysticism and glamour to each individual.

Much of Anthony's career is and has been spent highlighting black women and the wider gamut that is people of color. In his work, he employs bold palettes, high contrast and -- most recently -- digital manipulation.

He brings his world travels, his love of fantasy in film, television and video games, and his disgusting optimism to the forefront of every new photographic project.

Anthony lives in Washington, D.C. with his wife and frequent collaborator, Carla. And their cat Neffie. Don't forget the cat.


Neat Shiny Folk / AbunDance Academy of the Arts / Brooklyn Museum / Getty Images / Bloomberg News/ Just Call Me KEEBS / Red Rooster Harlem / Deutsches Hygiene / DELLA$IE / Nicole Shawan Junior, Esq / Dr. Rashida L. Weaver, PhD / Made By Black (Yvonne Jewnell) / AFROPUNK / Curls Understood / Ariel Samone / Najee Omar / "Believe It & Behave It" by Kate Harvie / "Start Ghetto" by Latetra Metts-Owens / StreetMeetDC / Conversationships / Harlem's Very Own / Global ArtSpeak Alliance, Inc